Lecture 5

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Dear Participants,

this time (quite incredible :-) ) we are ready to post the new lecture on the wiki page on Monday!!!


In this lecture we keep on the study of the Gauss-Weierstrass semigroup and characterize in terms of this semigroup both the space of bounded and Hölder continuous functions over \mathbb R^d. The contents of this lecture are technical (but interesting in theirselves) results which are the prelude of the Optimal Schauder estimates for solutions to the nonhomogeneous heat equation, which will be the subject of the next lecture.....but for more details you should wait a week. ;-) This time we ask to the team from Ulm to prepare the official solutions to the exercises and post them on the webpage of the ISEM.

Enjoy the new lecture. Your virtual lecturers.

Abdelaziz and Luca